When you ask me to examine a job for you I will visit you at least once to look at the work you want done.  At this stage we would discuss the work you want done, what types of paint/wallpaper designs to be used and what types of paint to use.  There are many brands of paint available now from the more traditional Dulux/Crown brands to the less well known "designer" names such as Farrow and Ball, Mythic, colortrend etc.

The type of paint can also be somewhat bewildering as there are the normal types - emulsion, gloss, eggshell and so on but there are now Semi-Glosses, Satins and durable emulsions to consider.

I will then produce a detailed estimate for you, showing the cost of each stage (or area) of the project, along with a total cost.

Once you accept the estimate we can then discuss the timing of the work and any other special considerations you may have.